Our Staff

Better yet – our TEAM!

Tom Waltner - President

Tom has been with the company since its inception in 1996.  Previously he worked in banking, retail credit, wholesale credit, programming, and managing a corporate I.T. Department.

Tom is a life-long Cincinnati “West-Sider”, is married with four children, and a growing number of grand-children.

He obtained his BBA from The University of Cincinnati’s College of Business, and then an Associates Degree in Business Data Processing from Cincinnati Technical College.

Tom’s education in management, and data processing, along with his experience in banking, credit, programming and networking have provided him skills needed to assemble a great team of people that have succeeded long after many of the competitors have failed.

Tom loves music, radio and traveling. He was a mobile DJ for 34 years and has hosted our radio program since 2002. He has helped coach softball & soccer, and has been active in his church. His home-away-from home is in the Orlando/Kissimmee area near Disney World.

” Backups are not important….

  Restores are CRITICAL! “

Steve Wolsefer - Vice President

Steve began his career with Fuller Computer Solutions in 1999.  Prior to joining our company he worked at Belcan Technical Services as a programmer and network administrator where he reported directly to our owner, Tom Waltner.  

Steve guides the rest of the technical team by sharing his knowledge and experience.  He also heads up our in-house education to ensure that each tech stays current with the skills needed to service our varied clients.  He is one of the original co-hosts of our weekly live radio show.

Steve attended Roger Bacon High School, and received his degree from Miami University.  He is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), with specialties in Networking and Small Business Solutions.  His long-standing experience and his educational background make Steve a favorite among our larger clients.  He can understands business needs, and can quickly provide technical solutions that are good for our clients specific needs.  

Steve’s Classic Quotes are “Check the Physical Layer”, and “All Hard Drives will fail.  They are rated on how soon they will fail.”

Steve is a life-long Cincinnatian, lives in Warren County and provides service to our larger clients throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.  He spends his free time relaxing, following politics and going to Cincinnati Bengals games.

”  Check the Physical Layer!  “

Phil Ellis - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Phil has been in IT since 1998 but dabbling in computer hardware and software since he was 12.  Hobby turned into passion and into career.  Phil has been with Fuller since early 2001.

Phil has a genuine passion for helping customers solve problems with technology.  He has several Microsoft certifications and is also an AllWorx Certified Professional, though he would say raw experience beats certifications any day.
Most recently, he was honored by the Microsoft Tech Community and earned the rank of “Visitor”, because of his contributions to the community.  

His fellow workers refer to him as “Stealth Tech” because he somehow slips in and out of the office undetected. 

Some Phil-isms are “Every Anti-virus software is equally bad”, and “I learn something new every day”

He is generally a private person so you won’t find any detailed information about his home life here, Let’s just say he’s married and has children, also pet(s).  It is rumored  that he has experience cliff-climbing, and drag racing, but who knows?  He’s “Stealth Tech”.

” All Anti-virus Programs are equally bad. “

Glenn Pearson - Technician

Joining the company in March, 2013, Glenn brings over 25 years of IT experience in a variety of roles including configuration management, technical writing, network design, systems integration, programming, database administration, web design, Windows and Linux server administration, network security, and providing technical support to executives, academics, and medical and engineering professionals.

 Glenn is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).  Computers are his hobby as well as his vocation, and he enjoys building his own PCs and web sites.  He is also active in “HAM” radio, and holds a General class Amateur Radio License.

A refugee from the State of California, he is still adjusting to living where frozen water falls from the sky and is occasionally heard scoffing at what Cincinnatians consider “bad traffic.”

” I’m sorry to hear that your system quit working. 

Do you have a backup?”

Debbie Dirr - Purchasing Manager

Debbie has been with the company since 2013.

In her career she has worked in many office capacities, ranging from Food Service Assistant, Buyer,  Secretary, Office Manager, Project Administrator/Assistant, Administrative Assistant.

Debbie works with our vendors so that we can find the exact item that you need, so that we can offer it to you at the best price possible.

Debbie is a life-long “West-Sider”, is married and blessed with 3 intelligent and beautiful daughters.

Her favorite things to do are sewing, quilting, crocheting, gardening, long walks, live theater, hiking, and most of all spending quality time with her family.


Heather Jaworski - Office Manager

Heather is probably the first person you will see or hear at Fuller Information Technology.  She joined the team at FIT in 2015, but prior to that she worked primarily in food and beverage in a number of customer service roles.

Heather attended Northern Kentucky University where she studied English literature, was very involved with her sorority, and wrote for the student newspaper.  Although Heather was born in Cincinnati, she grew up in Indiana where she still lives with her husband and two dogs. 

In her free time Heather loves books, YouTube, camping, and watching repeats of Fixer Upper


James Kuchle ("KOOK-lee") - Technician

James joined the team in October of 2016.  He has a background in helpdesk service, as well as onsite assistance.  He has worked in IT for over 5 years now supporting local businesses. His background includes help desk, networking, PC support, working in Active Directory, share management, and Office 365 support. 

 James is a resident of Northern KY and a graduate of NKU, where he received his bachelors in Informatics.  James holds the CompTia A+ and Network+ Certifications and is currently studying for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification. 

In his free time James enjoys video games, volleyball, board games, YouTube, kayaking, hiking and participating in local 5-K runs.