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Service Area

We provide services within the Greater Cincinnati Area, loosely defined as the area within the I-275 Loop.  We do not charge a trip charge for on-site service in the following zip codes.

45001 Addyston   41001 Alexandria
45002 Cleves   41011 Covington
45014 Fairfield   41014
45030 Harrison   41016 Ludlow
45033 Hooven   41017 Ft. Mitchell
45039 Maineville   41018 Erlanger
45040 Mason   41042 Florence
45041 Miamitown   41048 Hebron
45052 North Bend   41071 Newport
45053 Okeana   41073 Bellevue
45069 West Chester   41074 Dayton
45111 Camp Dennison   41075 Ft. Thomas
45140 Loveland   41076 Highland Heights
45147 Miamiville   41080 Petersburg
45150 Milford   41099 Newport
452 - -  Cincinnati - all 452 zip codes      
47025 Lawrenceburg      

We provide services outside of this area, however travel fees apply.

We are located at 6040 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH  45248.


Every business wants to get the best bang-for-the-buck and so it's understandable that people want to know the our labor rate
There are so many variables in determining a price.  Some of these variables are, on-site, or remote?  Level-1 help desk, or a Certified Engineer?  Longer projects may have a lower per hour rate simply because of economy of scale.  Cabling rate is different than the rate to installing a PC.

The best way that we can help you figure out your cost is if you simply ask.  We'll try to get a full understanding of your business problem so that you don't over-buy, or under-buy.   For those of you who insist on price shopping , as a reference point, as of 07-1-2022 our 'rack rate' is $150/hour, with a 25% increase for off-hours.  Rates may change without notice.


Payment for standard goods and services are due upon completion of the task unless you have established credit terms with us.  We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard & Visa as well as checks with proper ID and cash.  We may require a deposit for special order items or larger projects.  A convenience fee may be charged when paying invoices on-line via credit card, in order to offset the fees that we pay for processing credit cards.


Feel free to ask for references.  Our clients will tell you that we are not pushy sales people. 

Money bag with dollar-sign
Cost is important


Businesses may apply for a credit account.  Terms are NET 10.  
A copy of our credit application may be obtained here.

Please completely fill out and sign this application so that we may determine a credit line for your business.  


Many of our corporate clients save 10% off of the labor charges by purchasing blocks of time in advance through our retainer program.  
Blocks of time are for 25 hours.  These hours do not expire.

Please call us if you have any questions.  We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you make the most of your I.T. investment.