Patch Your Servers Now

November 30, 2020  |  Support Tips

Patch your servers now!

Microsoft recently released a patch for a 17-year-old server bug that is possibly being exploited. This bug impacts almost all Windows Servers and it’s exploiting a feature that is widely configured in most environments: DNS Service. reports a PoC (Proof of Concept) has been published demonstrating the attack. These are commonly reverse-engineered by criminals to create real exploits to cause damage.


This bug is similar to one that crippled many city halls, hospitals, and even police departments back in 2017, called WannaCry. Once a virus exploiting this is inside your network, the damage that can be done could be extensive. Ransomware, ID Theft, payroll scams, many different options are open to criminals.


If you’re one of our Managed Service (MSP) clients, we’re actively updating your systems, so we’ve got you covered.


If you aren’t certain that your systems are up to date, make sure to reach out to Fuller Information Technology at 513-347-5800 to schedule a time to check out your servers and then possibly schedule some downtime to perform the necessary reboots after applying this patch.