Can your business operate without phones?

July 20, 2020  |  Telephone Systems

Can your business operate without phones?


You can’t have the phone lines down for even a few minutes without it creating lost revenue. Just like a car, your phone system needs occasional maintenance.


About a month ago Allworx released an update to their server that fixes some compatibility issues with Apple iPhones, along with other minor bug fixes. If you haven’t updated in the last month, you’re probably running an older version.


If you are already under a maintenance agreement with Fuller, this update has already been applied and didn’t cost you anything extra.


If you aren’t under an agreement, we can either get you on a maintenance plan or we can perform a service call to bring the system current.


If you have an older X Series server you can also take advantage of a trade-in to get a four-year extended hardware warranty and software update license included. That is a savings of $800 for a Connect 536.