In Shop Repairs

In Shop Repairs are charged at our rate of $125.00 per hour. All in shop repairs and service have a minimum charge of one half hour ($62.50) and are billed in quarter-hour increments after the first one half hour. This service is available to business and residential customers. Call (513) 347-5800 for more information.
Some repairs are best performed at our office, where we have a wide variety of tools and resources available.  
  • Our in shop repair service includes a free 15 minute diagnosis!
  • After performing our diagnosis, we will call you with repair options and estimates.
  • Some diagnoses take longer than 15 minutes. If our technician needs more than the initial free diagnosis time to pinpoint the issue with your computer, we will call you for approval before moving into billable time. 

We keep you apprised of any issues we run into during the repair process and always inform you ahead of time if we feel the repair may run over our initial estimate.

We always check that you have a current antivirus. If you don’t, we recommend the latest AVG Antivirus. We also commonly check to make sure you have the latest Windows updates applied.

We provide free telephone support for your PC for 2 weeks after you take it home from our shop, for questions related to the issue for which you brought it to us. Call our office and we will assist over the phone or remotely. If the issue was not resolved we will take it back in and have a second technician look at the problem.