On Site Services

On Site Service is charged at our rate of $125.00 per hour. An on site visit has a minimum charge of one hour ($125.00) and is billed in quarter-hour increments after the first hour. This service is available to business and residential customers.
We will come to you!

Sometimes it makes more sense to diagnose and solve a computer or network problem by observing it in its native surroundings, where we can take into account all the factors in the network. Fuller Computer Solutions can send a Microsoft Certified Professional or Engineer to your location for diagnosis and repairs.

Fuller Computer Solutions can help your business! Make sure that your information is accessible by you and secure from others. We can help your business remove the obstacles that have been slowing down your company. Since 1996, we have successfully helped companies ranging from one person working from home, to businesses with hundreds of employees!

All our technicians are Microsoft certified.

Network Design/Redesign:
Whether you are opening a new business or new branch, moving or just need to update a network your business has outgrown, Fuller Computer Solutions can help. 

Keeping your network, servers
 and computers running at their best helps your employees stay productive and your business to succeed. Fuller Computer Solutions can recommend and implement a maintenance routine that’s right for your business.

Hardware and Software Upgrades:
Keeping you software current and your hardware working well with routine upgrades. Sluggish response or compatibility issues often require upgrades to return to good working order.

Business Down Situations:
We treat our “patients” just like doctors do! We give top priority to business systems that are “down.”  Call us at 513-347-5800 to schedule an on-site visit. Let us know if it is an emergency!