Work From Home Support
Work From Home Support

Work From Home


Working from home has been a continuing trend over the past year, with many local businesses minimizing office space and reducing commuting costs, remote workers are able to work safely within the comfort of their own home. Many businesses have found that working from home is a huge benefit and employees are able to reduce distractions and increase productivity. 


The only fault with this set-up is that many employees and businesses aren't structured or set-up with the necessary IT skills and technology to manage the technical aspects of their remote position. 


That's where F.I.T. comes into play, our technology and computer experts are trained to be able to handle, manage, and solve a variety of technical issues that arise from remote work. Whether it's e-visits, virtual meetings, wireless devices, server complications, internet issues, or any other technical stressors; our team is ready to help. We can set up Remote Help from our office to solve problems while you're in the comfort of your own home, or, we can receive drop-offs of devices to fix in our office and return them to prime, working condition.


As for backup and data protection, many employers don't recognize that having a variety of important data stored in various locations can result in a greater risk of data loss or damage. It's crucial to keep your data safe with our high-quality data backup services. 


Regardless of your Work From Home support needs, our goal is to help employees and businesses operate efficiently. Our team of technicians will work to provide all of the support, maintenance, and management you'll need to keep the technical side of your business running to the best of its ability.